For Schools

Inservice professional development in writing education



  • Designed at your school's or district's specific request
  • Held on site
  • Flexible dates and times (after school, weekends, etc.)
  • Topics developed with the school's needs in mind
  • Appropriate for teachers across the curriculum

Offered in conjunction with any contracted fifteen hour series of workshops. School leadership and faculty teams will collaborate with the SAWP coordinator to determine overall school needs and goals.


  • A series should be a cohesive set of sessions, not a grab bag.
  • A SAWP coordinator will be assigned to organize and prepare the program and to facilitate the sessions. The coordinator’s central role is to make the threads clear.
  • A school-based contact person should be identified and will work with the SAWP coordinator to facilitate the use of school resources and space for the programs, as well as to manage communication with the participants.
  • The content of the sessions should be structured to meet district or school needs, but should also be rooted in central SAWP assumptions.
  • Ideal session length should be three hours.
  • Group size should not exceed 30.
  • Ideally, participation should be voluntary.
  • Contact hour credits are available.

The Road to Writing Power 1—The Writing Process in a Time of Testing: 
This is a series of five workshops that provides a fresh look at the writing process in a time of testing, focusing on effective strategies for teaching and learning that will result in increased student achievement. (15 Contact Hours)

The Road to Writing Power 2—Making Connections: 
This series addresses writing across the curriculum, writing to learn, and writing across grades. (15 Contact Hours)

The Road to Writing Power 3—Strategies to Meet the Needs of Individual Writers: 
This series addresses writing instruction and support for the reluctant writer, the special education writer, the gifted writer, and the second language learner, among others with special needs. (15 Contact Hours)

Other topics can be offered singly or in combination for 3-15 contact hours and designed with your needs in mind.

  • Teaching writing with the 6-Traits/Rubrics
  • Writing and AIMS: Meeting the Challenge
  • Teaching with Standards and NCLB
  • Assessment and writing
  • Writer’s workshop
  • Portfolios as Assessment
  • Reading/writing connection
  • Beyond SEI
  • Publishing student writing
  • Designing Writing Curricula/ Courses/Assignments
  • Teacher/Action Research
  • Your needs/choices

To arrange an appointment to discuss your school’s needs, contact:

Southern Arizona Writing Project* 
Department of English University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210067
Tucson , Arizona 85721
Phone: 520-621-3436 
Fax: 520-621-5410

*As an affiliate of the National Writing Project, the Southern Arizona Writing Project is an authorized program of the No Child Left Behind Act.