Pima County Joint Technical Education District (JTED)

JTED imageSAWP is proud to be partnering with the Pima Joint Technical Education District (JTED) and the Arizona State Consortium for Technical Education to incorporate writing into the Career and Technical Education (CTE) curricula.

The goal of the partnership is to support the JTED program and CTE teachers as they confront the expectation that they, along with teachers of academic subjects, meet the new Common Core State Standards as they have been modified for the state of Arizona.

Co-Director Sharon Miller, and Curt Bertelsen, Director of Professional Development for JTED, developed the initial idea for the partnership which involved determining the kinds of writing that are needed in CTE classrooms as preparation for writing on the job, selecting a CTE program for a trial run, creating a sample lesson for that class, collaborating with the teacher and co-teaching it.  

They settled on the Fire Science class, taught by Bob Dipietro. One of the most significant writing tasks that a firefighter has to do is to write an incident report at the conclusion of every fire call. Individual firefighters must summarize their activities at the scene of a fire in a written document that becomes part of the legal record of the incident. Sharon and Bob worked together to develop the lesson and Sharon co-taught it on two evenings at the main JTED campus. (See her blog entry about this experience.) Christina McGee, SAWP Senior Fellow, taught the same lesson with Bob at the east side campus.

Students received the lessons well and were surprised that much of what they had learned about writing for the AIMS test did not apply in writing an incident report. For this kind of writing, the 5 C's were important: students needed to be Clear, Concise, Consistent, Correct, and Complete. They did not need elaborated paragraphs, introductions and conclusions. They had to be persuaded to keep it short. The students performed well, and Bob is confident that he can deliver the lesson to future students. And that's part of the plan for other CTE programs.

TCs who are currently working with this project include Kathy Bielas, Rincon High School, working the the Fashion Design program, and Norah Booth, working with Graphic Design. Sharon Miller is working now with the Law and Safety program.

SAWP is recruiting TCs to participate in this project. We need teachers who are interested in helping to write lessons and to deliver professional development to CTE teachers in developing writing lessons for their classes. Contact Sharon Miller for more information and for training dates.

Pima County JTED Fire Science Program Gets Their Own Fire Truck

Students in the JTED Fire Science program were the recipients of a donated fire truck to enhance their learning about managing a fire in progress. The truck, which originated at the Lakeside, Arizona, Fire Department, needs some mechanical work which will be provided by other CTE programs in the district. The gift of this truck will provide on-the-job, simulated experiences not otherwise available to the students.

JTED Fire Science teacher, Bob DiPietro is shown here with the truck at the June 24th Pima County Superintendent's FAIR for Education.




Fire Science Teacher, Bob DiPietro, and SAWP Co-Director, Sharon Miller, Star in Film to Promote Partnership

Movie to be placed . . .