Roger Shanley


Shanley, Roger. 2007. "From the Secondary Section: Paradoxical Oxymorons." (PDF)

English Journal, January 2007.          


Hall, Anne-Marie, Roger Shanley and Flory Simon. 2006. A Work in Progress: The Benefits of Early Recruitment for the Summer Institute.

National Writing Project at Work Monograph Series. Site leaders at the Southern Arizona Writing Project needed to increase their pool of summer institute applicants, so they created a plan to recruit early. They invited interested teachers, principals, and district administrators to attend their “Slice of SAWP” on the last day of the summer institute. The site sent out acceptance letters in December but continued the enrollment process with interviews in January and with “Saturday Seminars,” designed to support new fellows in preparing their demonstrations and introduce them to the writing project culture. The result: not only did the site achieve its goals, the participants were better prepared.

A free Downloadable PDF File (793 KB) is available at the National Writing Project website: