Deb Green

"What is equity? What does it mean to work for equity in schools? What does it mean to make equity central in our work as teacher-researchers? Working Toward Equity explores these and other questions in 13 narratives from a broad spectrum of educators chronicling their real work in classrooms, schools, districts, and professional development organizations." NWP

Working Toward Equity grew out of the pursuits of the Teacher Research Collaborative, a three-year collaboration among educators who believe that the power of inquiry can be focused on vital educational goals such as equity. The educators are affiliated with the following organizations." NWP

Green, Deb. 2005. "Working Together: Designing a District-wide Action Research Plan for Professional Development." in Working Toward Equity:

Resources and Writings from the Teacher Research Collaborative.

Edited by Linda Friedrich, Carol Tateishi, Tom Malarkey, Elizabeth Radin Simons, and Marty Williams.

The publication is a valuable resource for educators, administrators, and program directors. It offers insight into first hand experiences of the practitioner and provides an opportunity for the reader to reflect and to design and create processes that ultimately impact our most valuable resource, our students. 

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Siqueiros
Career Ladder Liaison
Sunnyside Unified School District

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