The Art of Elaboration

Uses art as a prewriting strategy for including specific details in their writing. Participants make torn paper pictures of a mouse and write a descriptive paragraph. Focuses on how the strategy could be used at different grade levels.

Analysis: Letting Students Discover How to Write About It

This teaching demonstration seeks to close the gap, as Rosenwasser and Stephen refer to it in their book, Writing Analytically, between students' ability to analyze in daily life and transfer that to academic writing. It is the first step in teaching students how to not just analyze, but how to write an effective analysis. By using visuals put together like a puzzle, participants„in groups„walk through the steps of assumption, judgment, description, and inference in order to make a claim based on the visual and then argue that claim to the whole group.

History is Nothing Until You Become It: Using Writer's Notebooks to Construct Authentic Meaning from Primary Sources

This presentation teaches educators from all content areas how to utilize metacognition and priming techniques to increase student comprehension and analysis of primary sources and by extension, expository text.