Building Walls with Detail

Focuses on adding detail to character writing. Looks into the public/private life of characters, their gestures and movement, and their spoken dialogue. Participants develop a character and go through the three areas, sharing and demonstrating with a partner.

It's a Piece of Cake! Creativity, Imagination and Figurative Language

Focuses on assisting middle school students to understand examples of figurative language and create their own, including metaphors, similes, idioms, and personification in prose and poety. Three activities that stimulate creativity and imagination using the figurative language of similes, idioms, personification, and metaphors. Promotes student use of creativity and imagination as part of prewriting process.

How Will I write my piece this time? Using literature to help Students Envision the Possibilities of Structure Primary K-3

Focuses on having students select their own topics and supports students making meaning in a variety of ways. Louise Rosenblatt, Donald Murray, and Katie Wood Ray all agree that students must write for their own purposes, and on topics that represent their individual experiences and interests. I have no desire to control my students' topic selection. But I do have the responsibility of helping my students grow as writers, which is dependent upon showing them the possibilities that exist within their writing regardless of topic.

No Title

Focuses on how acquiring writing competency in English is a multiply challenging task for ESL/EFL learners.

One Way to Get a Thesis Statement

Focuses on how students can arrive at and construct a thesis statement meaty enough to carry an analytical essay after close reading of a short story. Encourages students to read text closely in order to ask questions from level 1-6 of Bloom's Taxonomy and then turn one of those questions into a thesis statement which can carry the essay. Students brainstorm, work in groups, work with graphic organizers, then refine possible theses statements for a full-blown analytical essay.