Anne-Marie Hall

Anne-Marie Hall was awarded the 2009 Outstanding Administrator from the Graduate Student and Professional Committee at the University of Arizona.  She was also nominated for the 2012 Graduate and Professional Teaching and Mentoring Award at the University of Arizona, and the Community Leadership Award for the Arizona Women's Conference in 2006. Dr. Anne-Marie Hall is an educator and community leader with enormous influence in Arizona. She served as Director of the Writing Program at The University of Arizona until 2012, where her duties include teacher training for instructors who deliver instruction to 12,000 undergraduate writing students. Additionally, she directed the Southern Arizona Writing Project (SAWP) from 1993 to 2006.  She has worked with the national leadership of the National Writing Project (NWP) on multiple projects since the early 1990s. Most recently, she lead the NWP national team in developing the Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing (2012).

For several years, Hall helped run the Portfolio Project, in which high school and college teachers read high school students’ writing portfolios for placement in college Composition classes. This time-intensive method of placement offered students and teachers feedback from well-trained professionals. She instituted a service learning program – Wildcat Writers – at the University of Arizona to liaison college writing students with local high school students. She also convened a committee on Social Justice and Equity in Assessment, a local group of K-16 teachers who work to critique or develop equitable writing assessments. Hall’s work with the Arizona English Teachers Association (AETA), NWP and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), including hosting regional conferences and serving in a variety of leadership roles, helped her recruit SAWP teacher-consultants for AETA, NWP and NCTE leadership positions.

Dr. Hall is an accomplished educator and an exceptional leader. Her ability to inspire her colleagues and energize them to action has had an important impact on those with whom she works.