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You may access the inquiries of the 2010-2011 Online Teacher Research Community by going to http://sites.google.com/site/onlinetrcommunity/. The work of the 2009-2010 cohort is also available there.

Also, you can explore the inquiries of the 2009-2010 action researchers in the Sunnyside Unified School District's Career Ladder program which were conducted in partnership with SAWP. Please visit http://sites.google.com/site/sunnysideactionresearch2010/

Most of the resources here are for anyone who is interested in enriching his or her teaching by observing, reflecting, and sharing the results of those efforts. Join our ever-growing, ongoing discussion!

Please feel free to add your own suggestions for this resource by contributing in the form of a blogpost and or Forum. You will need to sign in to contribute.

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Resources & Opportunities from the Southern Arizona Writing Project


Articles, Books, and Online Journals Featuring Teacher Researcher Stories


  • Calkins, Lucy (1983). Lessons from a Child: On the Teaching and Learning of Writing. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann Educational Books
  • Campano, G (2007) Immigrant Students and Literacy; Reading, Writing, and Remembering. New York: Teachers College Press 
  • Goswami, Dixie, Ceci Lewis, Marty Rutherford, Diane Waff (2009). On Teacher Inquiry: Approaches to Language and Literacy Research. NY: Teachers College Press. (add link)
  • Hatch, Thomas, and others (2005) Going Public With Our Teaching: An Anthology of Practice. NY: Teachers College Press. This seminal collection brings together rich examples of classroom inquiry to address key problems of practice. Responding to the growing importance of displaying the powerful work of teachers who study their practice, this unique ensemble combines a variety of classic and new pieces. The teacher reflections are organized according to the following sections: The Culture of Schools and Classrooms; The Content of the Curriculum; Issues of Equity, Race, and Culture; Negotiating the Dilemmas of Teaching.
  • Networks: An Online Journal of Teacher Research This is the first on-line journal dedicated to teacher research. With the help of readers and writers like you, this journal aims to provide a forum for teachers'  voices, a place where teachers working in classrooms, from pre-school to university, can share their experiences and learn from each other…. In each issue, you will find feature-length articles, as well as short reports of work-in-progress, book reviews, and discussions on current issues in teacher research.

Selected Readings from the Works of SAWP Teacher Researchers:


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Links for readings:

Burke Johnson’s Writing Tips, Educational Research: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Approaches, Burke Johnson and Larry Cristensen.

Helen Hedges, Teacher/Researchers in Early Childhood: Ethical Responsibilities to Children
Networks: An On-line Journal for Teacher Research

Creating a Classroom of Connoisseurs; Grade 7 Students and Their Teacher Investigate Their Growth as Readers
Maria Kowal, Networks: An On-line Journal for Teacher Research

Lessons from Tony: Betrayal and Trust in Teacher Research
Sharon Miller, National Writing Project, The Quarterly

A Picaresque Tale from the Land of Kidwatching: Teacher Research and Ethical Dilemmas
Jane Zeni, National Writing Project, The Quarterly

The Cycle of Inquiry and Action: Essential Learning Communities
Kathleen Cushman, Coalition of Essential Schools
What is Teacher Research?
ERIC Clearinghouse

Validity and Action Research: An Online Conversation
Judith Newman, et.al. Lupinworks

Links for Teacher and Action Research Resources:

National Writing Project Teacher Research/Inquiry Featured Resources

Online Writing Lab Purdue
Free writing help available to non-Purdue faculty and students. An excellent all-around handbook of writing.

Teacher Researcher's Toolbox (based on Hopkins, 1994) (Need to add the file)
This is a collection of tool cards, each one describing a specific tool along with the advantages and disadvantages of its use in practice.

This web site represents an association of individuals and educational organizations that focus on looking at student work to strengthen connections between instruction, curriculum, and other aspects of school life to students' learning. The site is offered as a resource for teachers, administrators, staff developers, and others who work with teachers, schools, and students. Looking at Student Work provides ideas and resources about a set of practices we term 
"looking at student work."


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