Doing Academic Writing in Education: Connecting the Personal and the Professional

Available in hardback, paperback, and e-versions.
Published by Taylor and Francis Group

This book focuses on the struggles of real writers to find an authentic, personal voice in educational and academic settings. Throughout the book, educators from all levels share their experiences with writing as students and as professionals, providing readers with models for exploring their own encounters with “the language of the academy.” The general goal of the book was to resolve the conflict between the academic and the personal voices and to offer readers a model as well as strategies for reconciling this conflict for themselves. In the foreword, Donald M. Murray refers to these two voices as “male” and “female,” declaring that “[t]he writing [in the book] itself is a model of effective personal academic prose . . . demonstrating how we can combine the two languages of our profession.”

Edited by SAWP Co-Director Sharon Miller, the book includes contributions from SAWP Fellows Deborah Green, Heather Brown, Sandra Engoron-March, Debbie Dimmett, Gopa Goswami, Sandra Florence, and citations of Michael Robinson and Tilly Warnock.