Young Writers

Opportunities for Students

Next Young Writers Program To Be Announced. Stay tuned!

Young Writers’ Workshop
This is a program for students beginning grades 4-6, and held for three weeks in the summer.  Writing Project TCs support students in writing in a friendly, supportive setting, draft, share, revise and publish an anthology; write fiction, poetry, autobiography and essays; and work on correctness for publication..

Writing with Writers: Explorations in Creative Writing

This is a program for students beginning grades 7-9 and held for three weeks in the summer. Writing Project TCs direct creative writing workshops for students.  Students share and critique writings with fellow students in small group settings; receive oral and written feedback to their writing; experiment with revision, style, and performance techniques. 

Examples of Past Events

On Februrary 11, 2005, 15 middle school youth (five each from a public, a private, and a charter school) used their writing skills to make a positive difference in their global community.  The day-long workshop offered a variety of writing activities including reflections on the experiences shared by guest speaker Pierre-Louis Peguy who resides in Haiti.  They also engaged different writing genres in a group writing project that focused on one of the articles in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.  The afternoon session was comprised of Power Point presentations that five youth gave about a specific Amnesty International campaign.  The remaining youth joined one of three campaigns and wrote letters, poems, and perspective essays.  Their writing was shared with legislators and heads of states as well as the SAWP community as featured in our newsletter.  At the end of the workshop, the youth were given their own Amnesty International handbook that included ways to participate in campaigns.  One of the three schools has an Amnesty International chapter that is entering its second year.  

For information about upcoming young writers programs, contact Kate Cusumano.