Advanced Institute, 2013

*Advanced institutes* are topic-driven and designed to help teachers develop expertise in a particular area. These include: Common Core State Standards InitiativeNational Board Certification, the Teacher Research and Inquiry InstituteTeachers as Writers, and Open Enrollment Institutes (patterned on the Summer Invitational Institute).

Advanced Institute Participants, 2013

Program Leaders

  • Sharon Miller
  • Kate Cusumano

Focus Groups

Professional Development 'out of the box'

  • Sharon Miller
  • Christina McGee
  • Kathy Bielas 
  • Erin Dokter
  • Susan Ropp

SAWP Network

  • Kate Cusumano
  • Cyra Sadowl
  • Sara Etters
  • Lesley Potts

Community Outreach

  • Diane Drury
  • Christine Gallego
  • Erin Dokter
  • Nora Booth



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