Deborah Dimmett

Deborah Dimmett received the 2004 award. Debbie is a languages arts teacher at Sierra Middle School , Sunnyside Unified School District where she has served on the Career Ladder Steering Committee since 1991, providing input into the creation of their evaluation instrument, building an incentive plan, and creating the Action Research Alternative that is an elective for Sunnyside teachers in the Career Ladder program. As a graduate of both the SAWP Invitational Institute and the Teacher Research and Inquiry Institute, Debbie has provided leadership for many SAWP programs: Advisory Board member, facilitator of two young writers programs (the third is April 23, 2005 - see related article in newsletter). Debbie is a National Board Certified teacher, and has been praised by colleagues in SAWP and in Sunnyside for her "continuing curiosity," "impressive abilities," "collaboration with school districts," and her "thoughtful, mindful, compassionate spirit." Finally, Debbie works with teachers in Haiti to improve the lives of children living in the poorest country in the western hemisphere; through her work with these teachers, Debbie has formed a bond between her Sierra students and homeless children in Haiti; Sierra students have collected over $900 to buy books for students living in two orphanages in Port O'Prince, Haiti.