Harriet Scarborough


Scarborough, Harriet Arzu, ed. 2000. Writing Across the Curriculum in Secondary Classrooms: Teaching From a Diverse Perspective. Merrill Prentice Hall. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. ISBN 0-13-022489-8

Based on a need to teach writing and thinking across the curriculum, Harriet Scarborough worked with a number of her esteemed colleagues and practical thinking middle school and secondary school teachers to create a text for today's diverse classrooms. The author and her text contributors met regularly for a year to identify what was working in the classroom. They offer this book to you as you look to:

·      give voice to the use of writing to mediate learning

·      develop writing contexts for learning in content area classes

·      create writing environments conducive to risk-taking

·      make learning relevant and authentic for ALL students