“Study, Make, Teach: Developing Dialectical Thinking in Student Writers”

“Study, Make, Teach: Developing Dialectical Thinking in Student Writers” offers high school and college teachers a framework to instruct students to make text-based claims about informational texts, to share opinions, and to delay arriving at conclusions. Additionally, the demo offers elementary educators hands-on practice to gain experience teaching younger students to trust their own thinking and to listen to each other’s perspectives.

Why Should I Care?

This teaching demo address high school apathy. As I looked around my classroom, I became exceedingly frustrated by the sheer apathy about learning, anything, that seemed to pervade a large percentage of my students. I decided that I would try to research what causes apathy and research how other teachers and pedagogues dealt with this energy sucking, defeating, and de-motivating attitude of apathy. 

Critic, Guide, Friend: Critically Reflecting on the Roles Teachers Play When Providing Written Feedback on Student Writing

Quality feedback is crucial to the development of student writing, but is an area that is often glossed over in professional development. The aim of this teaching demonstration is to critically reflect upon the roles taken on when giving feedback to students, such as critic or editor, interested reader, and coach or guide in order to build awareness and improve our feedback practices.