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Announcing a summer fellowship for secondary teachers interested in exploring 21st century literacies through performance and the teaching of literature (open to teachers of all disciplines). Accepted teachers receive $1,000 stipend for full participation.

The College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program is recruiting High School Teachers and College Faculty to serve as AP Readers for AP English Language at the June 2014 Reading.

Smarty Gras: PCC Spring Writing Professional Development Day by Anthony T. Sovak, "Build Soil"

The Summer Institute is accepting application via email and postal mail - to learn more, visit tthe programs webpage:

Good news! Norah Booth (Summer Institute, 2008) wrote an interview of Alberto Rios that has been published in Poets & Authors! Q&A: Ríos Named Arizona Poet Laureate

NWP Radio—I Am From Project

Wednesday, July 05, 2017
Type: Event
Join us for a conversation with George Ella Lyon and Julie Landsman, hosts of the I Am From Project, about countering divisions of race, culture, and equity through poetry, artwork, videos, music and dance around where we are from as a nation.


Elyse Eidman-Aadahl and Jacob Lewis (National Writing Project and Figment, 2013) 

Amazon's Price: $1.99

To celebrate the National Day on Writing (October 20, 2011), Figment, National Writing Project, The New York Times Learning Network, and Edutopia teamed up to present a festival of words and ideas that asked, Why Do You Write? It's a straightforward question with a million complicated answers. Here are 60 from young writers all around the country explaining why writing is so important to them.

Excerpt from the book:

"I write because I want to confront myself. I want to dredge up buried pieces of me and put them together in words. I want to show myself who I was, who I wish to be and who I am." 
- Louise Edwards

About the Authors
Elyse Eidman-Aadahl is the Director of National Programs and Site Development at the National Writing Project.
Jacob Lewis is the co-founder and CEO of Figment.