Discovering Creative Writing Through Geometry Level: elementary„intermediate„middle and high school

This is a fun way to integrate across curriculum content areas of creative writing using math concepts of Geometry that incorporates literature and art. Emphasis is on prior knowledge of basic shapes then includes language variations for students to visualize the abstract patterns, or properties of shapes by turning, flipping, and rotating. A story read aloud Grandfather Tang written by Ann Tompert, illustrated by Ed Young is used to illustrate tangram shapes can be made. Students can creatively make their own shape of an animal describing the writing process through math concepts. Teachers can also use variations of finishing the end of the story, creating dialog, talk about friendship, incorporating cultures, and various ways.


Writing Process, Strand 1, Concepts 1-5 Writing Strand 3, concept 1 Reading: Elements of Lit, Concept 1 Math Strand 3, Concept 4 Strand 4, Concept 1