Revisiting The ISI

What time is it?  Time to write!  And the writing began.  Getting settled in took a bit longer; I wasn't in practice to make my nest.  I got there, though soon enough and was on my way to a glorious day of writing.  

The prompt 'Confectionary Confessions' encouraged me to navigate to the piece I am writing now.  My gothic short story has become a beast, as one of the institute participants so cleverly stated in his extended metaphor about writing, a chocolatier-baker in the mid eighteenth century is a very complicated character.  I peeked into the truth of his character a bit before the writing time was over and sharing began.  Guillaume would have to wait until later.  

Snack Time!  Kinder style.  Make your own snack mix.  No need to pick out the....what is that?  Environmentally friendly coffee filter bowls.  What a great idea.