ALL Students Can write a grand slam summary! Level--middle

Models writing a summary using a baseball metaphor. (ELL attention) Synthesizes the latest ELL research to support pedagogy, uses metaphor through a graphic organizer to simplify the process of writing a summary. When students can connect new learning to prior knowledge through metaphor, it is most meaningful. Writing a summary is an example of academic writing students need to master, and its complexity lies in the reading-writing connection. This is especially difficult for the ELL student. In this demonstration, baseball is the metaphor, the field is the graphic organizer, and the grad slam the cohesive summary. In the conclusion of the presentation, participants are invited to create their own metaphor and graphic organizer for summarizing.


Reading Strand 3, Concept 1, PO 2 Writing Strand 1, Concept 1, PO 5, Concept 2, PO 1, PO 2 Strand 2 (rubric) Strand 3, Concept 2, PO 2