Current Events and Announcements


Join us for an exciting special event that will invigorate you and your writing:

SAWP's First Annual March Madness Writing Marathon

Saturday, March 28, 9:00 am -12:00 pm

All who write are welcome. Bring a friend, colleague, or kindred spirit who likes to write!

Begin and end at the University of Arizona, TOB, 1731 E. Second Street; write at various locations along the streetcar route

*Optional lunch at The B Line on 4th Ave afterward*

SAWP is accepting

Invitational Summer Institute applications via email!
EMail completed application to:
Dr. Flory Simon, Director, Southern Arizona Writing Project

Pima Community College 

Cababi Art & Literature Magazine 
Accepting submissions from faculty, staff, and administrators for the Fall 2015 Edition
To submit, visit:
Submit your work by April 30, 2015 for consideration
Check out two blog posts about

 Smarty Gras at PCC by Diane Drury
Smarty Gras: PCC Spring Writing Professional Development Day
by Anthony T. Sovak, "Build Soil"

Good news! Norah Booth (SI, 2008) wrote an
interview of Alberto Rios that has been published in Poets & Authors!

Who we are

The Southern Arizona Writing Project (SAWP) works in collaboration with the University of Arizona Department of English and the College of Humanities, and K-16 writing teachers of southern Arizona

The Southern Arizona Writing Project (SAWP) is an approved affiliate of the National Writing Project, and an authorized program of the No Child Left Behind Act. As an affiliate of the National Writing Project we join a network of over 200 sites across the country and around the world seeking to improve the teaching of writing from kindergarten through university.  SAWP represents a five-county area spanning the entire Arizona-Mexico border, making it a unique site in this network.

Our Mission
SAWP believes in the power of writing.  For this reason, we are committed to improving the teaching of writing and critical thinking in schools and communities. Since our inception in 1978, over five hundred Arizona teachers have attended the SAWP Summer Institute—an exciting and energizing workshop during which teachers engage in research and professional development pertaining to writing instruction.  Teacher Consultants who graduate from our institute conduct teacher workshops statewide, infusing the knowledge and excitement gained in the Institute, and multiplying the effect of the “teachers teaching teachers” model of the National Writing Project. 
The goals of SAWP are as follows: 
  • To improve student writing and learning in K-16 classrooms
  • To transmit a passion for the art of writing 
  • To extend the uses of writing in all disciplines 
  • To strengthen collaboration between K-12 schools and higher education 
  • To identify and support exemplary teachers and develop teacher leaders
  • To celebrate and enhance the teaching profession 
  • To support teachers as writers themselves

Click below to view a 20-minute YouTube video on SAWP: